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Question   2013 Ice Show Pics
Hi Dawn : I just wanna say how completely satisfied I am with Kaitlyns ice show pic I am. you did an AMAZING job!! She looked awesome :) thank you again .. oh yea and I was wondering about the key chains I ordered when you dropped the pictures off at the ice rink? hope you didn't forget ;)

- Katherine Larson March 25, 2013

  Answer Oh thank you so much for letting me know how happy you are with the pictures! It really means a lot to me! And, I just received the key chains. Give me a call tomorrow so we can schedule a time for delivery. Again thank you so much for your appreciation of my work!

- Dawn M. Hammond  March 27, 2013

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Question   ice show pictures
Hi Dawn:
I was just curious as to when we will be able to get the pictures we had taken for the ice show?

- Katherine Larson March 07, 2013

  Answer Hello Katherine
I will be at the Ice rink on Wednesday and Thursday of next week to deliver all of the pictures!

- Dawn M. Hammond  March 08, 2013

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Question   Sisters/Family Picture
Hi Dawn: Thanks for taking our family picture in August. It was a lot of fun for all of us. I just placed my order today, 9/24/11, for a collage picture. Please check your email.

Your cousin,


- Donna Weber September 24, 2011

  Answer I am glad it was fun for you. I saw the message about the collage and will put a few options together for you and add them to your pics on my site. I also have the other order for you and Pam and will let Pam know if I have any questions about it.

- Dawn M. Hammond  September 25, 2011

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Question   Mom & Sisters Family Pictures
Thank you so much for taking our "girls" photos Saturday! You did a great job; and we had fun:o) And they are online for us to pick from already! Thanks:o)

- Lois Scheriff August 16, 2011

  Answer I am so happy that you are happy! And, thank you for taking the time to let me know. I appreciate it very much! It was fun for me also.

- Dawn M. Hammond  August 19, 2011

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Question   jesses senior pics
how much for the gold pkg etc? how long do they take to come in? Has Cherie ordered ems yet?

- B Duwe March 20, 2011

  Answer Cherie has not ordered yet but will be soon. Call me so we can talk about what you want to order.

- Dawn M. Hammond  March 22, 2011

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Question   where can i find my pics on your website?
I am just wondering how I can find my daughters pictures on your website? I can't wait to receive them- Thanks

- kay thompson March 07, 2010

  Answer Which pics are we talking about? Are they skating Portraits?

- Dawn M. Hammond  March 08, 2010

  Answer yes they are the skating portraits.

- kay thompson  March 08, 2010

  Answer I have not added the skating portraits to my website yet. I was just trying to get all the orders placed and will be putting them on soon. They will be under the gallery, current customers and then Figure Skating Portraits 2010.

- Dawn M. Hammond  March 08, 2010

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Question   weddings
Do you do Weddings? and what do you charge?

- Roberta Larsen October 26, 2009

  Answer As of right now I do not do weddings. I have done them in the past and it is just something I do not enjoy doing. I do however do engagement portraits if you decide you want those done. I may decide to start doing weddings again in the future and will keep that updated on my website. Thank you for inquiring and let me know if I can ever be of furthur assistance.

- Dawn M. Hammond  October 28, 2009

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Question   Thanks so much, Dawn.
You did a GREAT job with Kylie's senior pictures and I really appreciated your willingness to capture just what Ky wanted for her 'special' photo op. You were excellent and very professional, to work with. Kylie and I couldn't be any happier. We will definitely be recommending you to any and every one of Ky's friends (and parents) for their senior pix. Many thanks and keep up the super work.
~Julie Clark-Gagne (and Kylie Gane)

- Julie Clark-Gagne August 09, 2009

  Answer I just want you to know that I appreciate your compliments so very much. I have a passion for what I do and caputuring people and pets for who they truly are is what I strive for. Again thank you so much for your inspiring words.

- Dawn M. Hammond  October 27, 2009

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Question   liryk
Love number 8 and I think 45 haha my kid is so cute

- Mistie Duwe March 22, 2009

  Answer Glad you like them. 7,46 &47 are also very cute of her!

- Dawn M. Hammond  March 23, 2009

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Question   Kevin Bigelow's pictures
Hey Dawn, Just wanted to say you did an awsome job on kevin's pictures :) I like them all :)!

- Theresa Bigelow January 16, 2009

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Question   I am so proud of you little sis! I love you!
I am just so anxious to see the sudio!

- Brenda Duwe January 07, 2009

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Question   Hey Dawn!
Hey Dawn! Where is my invite :) Love your pictures - my sister and I are thinking of coming there for the kids sometime!

- Lindsey P November 24, 2008

  Answer Lindsey,
Please don't think that I left you out. Actually I have not yet sent any invites/announcements to any of my close friends or family members. They are going out today. I did a huge mailing of all the people who have given me their addresses over the last year and people I looked up and I sort of kind of forgot about my own personal address book. I planned on having these out awhile ago, but I have been so super busy and just have not had the chance, but they are going out today, for sure, at some point. I would love to do portraits of your little boy and you, too! I have not seen him yet. How old is he? Let me know right away if you want an appointment before Christmas because I am really booking up. I would, of course, no matter what, make room for you. Call me 399.5662. Talk to you soon!

- Dawn M. Hammond  November 25, 2008

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Question   Congrates on your studio!:)
Thanks for the grand opening invitation, but we already did our xmas cards BUT we will see you in January for a family picture package, like your site! Talk to you soon!

- Jessica Koth November 21, 2008

  Answer Thank you so much! January sounds good. Just let me know when.

- Dawn M. Hammond  November 21, 2008

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