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from Lindsey P
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 Hey Dawn!

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from Dawn M. Hammond
on November 25, 2008
Please don't think that I left you out. Actually I have not yet sent any invites/announcements to any of my close friends or family members. They are going out today. I did a huge mailing of all the people who have given me their addresses over the last year and people I looked up and I sort of kind of forgot about my own personal address book. I planned on having these out awhile ago, but I have been so super busy and just have not had the chance, but they are going out today, for sure, at some point. I would love to do portraits of your little boy and you, too! I have not seen him yet. How old is he? Let me know right away if you want an appointment before Christmas because I am really booking up. I would, of course, no matter what, make room for you. Call me 399.5662. Talk to you soon! 

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